December 2009 Photo of the Month

Ok alright I know it's way passed the deadline for Photo of the Month for last month but the holidays just got too busy this year. I was actually taking a lot of photos but didn't have the time to figure out what represented December at it's true essence.

Well, Priya May is back for another December entry. This passed year was spent learning lighting techniques for portraits and figuring out how to best translate gorgeous landscapes. I spent countless hours messing with strobes, filters and Photoshop. I learned a ton and was able to showcase some of that last week at my first solo art show.

This year I want to start learning some new techniques and keep getting better at the ones I already know. A couple of months ago this guy posted on Flickr a blurb about using your camera's disadvantages to your advantage. My first thought was "this guy is a moron".  My second thought was "this guy is a genius!" His point was that the Nikon D200 (which I shoot with) has a terrible noise problem (the graininess or fuzzy look in a photo) at high ISOs. He is right. I always shoot at no higher than ISO 200 because of this. However, he recommended boosting the ISO to it's max to get an older film look to it. I tried it right after reading it and was amazed with the different look the camera processed. I loved it. It just has that old warm film feeling to it. I'm not going to start using this technique with clients right away but something tells me I will be able to add this to my bag of tricks in the future.

Moral of the story is, technology will keep evolving every minute. You can NEVER keep up with it. Rather than getting caught up with what you don't have, get caught up with what you have in your hands and play around with it. Learn it. Make mistakes. Make progress and have fun.

Here are a couple of other shots I took using this technique.

Photo info for the Photo of the Month (top of page)

Camera- Nikon D200

Lens- Tamron 17-50mm 2.8

Aperture- f/2.8

Shutter- 1/50th of a second

ISO- 3200

Edited in Aperture

Help Portrait

On 12.12.09 a bunch of photographers came together to take pictures of people. These pictures were for the people. These pictures won't make it to portfolios or exhibits. These are just to help. A good gesture and use of time for people who need it.

This was our group and the fun we had. I spent the whole day editing but still had a great experience meeting new people on both sides of the lens.

Big shout out to Kate and Stephen who put the majority of this thing together.

Thanks to all who made it possible. To the photographers out there, go to and make it happen.

I will be shooting a project today in a kindergarten class in Edmonds. Video update soon.

This was all shot on my new little Flip! I love this thing so far.