BTS With 5 Flat and Brown.

You guys remember the post from a while back on 5 Flat and Brown? Remember me talking about a behind the scenes video from that shoot? Well Chris finished up the edit this last weekend and I got a juicy little video to start your week off right! Chris is trying to get video on all my shoots that have a little story or that I think you guys could learn from or just plain enjoy. We did some video on the Paul Marie shoot both him and I, but I on my iPhone and him with a 5d. Just a slight difference in quality there... We'll be bringing that to you within the next couple of weeks. Anyways, 5 Flat and Brown just dropped their first mixtape together titled "Tuition: The Mixtape." I was lucky enough to do the album art along with the photography for these dudes and the whole project was super fun and turned out great. I know not all my readers listen to hip hop but for those of you who do or have an open mind, I encourage you to download their mixtape for free today. It features some of the towns best and some classic beats that will surely bring back some memories.

Also, below the video, you will find the before and after shots from the shoot to the album.  Let me know what you guys think about these BTS videos. I'm really putting a lot of energy into these along with Chris so let me know if there are things you want to see or hear from shoots that would be helpful/interesting. Enjoy!

Hint: Click the photo to open it in a window then just use your arrow keys to scroll to the next one.