BTS: Shorte "The Resume"

Last month, I finished up one of the biggest projects to date. Local rapper Shorte, was the client and the project consisted of a photo shoot, album design, three short teaser videos (here, here and here) and an album poster. The video addition was all new and we really used it as an experiment to see how we could help artists spread the word. I think they worked pretty well! I have received really great feedback and look forward to working on more of these. As you may remember, my buddy Chris hangs around occasionally and shoots behind the scenes video of me doing my thing during shoots. I was lucky enough to have him along on the Shorte shoot, which was great because it was a unique one. We ended up shooting at Founder's Co-op where a couple of friends of mine work. BIG THANKS to Andy Sack and Donald DeSantis for letting us shoot there! Our time was limited, but we had everything we needed to get the job done. Here's a behind the scenes look at how I shot the cover of the album and an overall look at how the day went.