Behind The Scenes with Mix A Lot.

Like I promised in the last post about Giant Thinkwell's big launch, I bring you a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot with Sir Mix A Lot at my studio.

This photo shoot was like no other for many reasons. First, it was with Sir Mix A Lot. Second, the photos weren't being used for portfolios or promotion. Their sole purpose was to become animation for a Facebook game "Mix N Match". It was weird to have no creative direction. The light needed to be really simple so every piece of Mix was well exposed. Mix stood in the same position for an hour and my camera never left the tripod. All that aside, it was AWESOME! It was great to take direction and be able to execute what they'd envisioned.

I always try and ask myself "what did I learn here?". That day, I learned that it's not always about the photographer. It's not always about being creative. Sometimes, a client may just need a camera guy for the job. For some photographers that may be a "no dice" but I'm ok with that and I was thrilled to be the camera guy that day. Leave the ego in the camera bag and don't be afraid to step outside the comfort zone. The worst that can happen is you learn you never want to do it again.

To see how these photos were put to use, check out the game at!