August 2009 Photo of the Month

August Photo of the Month When I was young I used to ask my dad "why do we need money?" He would reply "well son, to buy things." Then I would go on about how if we didn't have money everything would be free. There would be no need for money because nothing would require it. If you're thinking to yourself "wow, Mike probably ended up a rebellious thieving low life" you're wrong. I have a job. I am kind of a low life though...

Anyways, this past year I kept hearing the same thing from professional big wig photographers. "Make sure to do some free work every now and then. It's refreshing and it always seems to land you more paid work." Long story short, I started doing free work in the winter and business went up. I had the biggest 3 months this summer and I really think it's from the pro bono work. Whether it motivates my creative juices or spreads my work by word of mouth, it has worked.

So this last week I decided to do a little photo shoot with my friend Joe. Joe is a bartender at Lake Forest Bar & Grill and also a proud creator and consumer of the popular drink "Whoa Joe". You will have to stop in on one of his shifts to find out what the drink consists of.

We headed out on a Sunday afternoon after a couple bloody mary's from Blue Star Cafe. We strolled Ballard with his fold up Peugeot and snapped.

I love this shot. It's simple. Sunlight and cool depth of field. Ok, and a cool looking dude. I was lying on the ground for this one and it just turned out super cool.

Click here to see another shot we took that afternoon.

Photo Info:

Shot with my NEW NIKON D200 (it's so AWESOME!)

Aperture - f 7.1

Shutter Speed - 1/250th

ISO - 100

Lens - Crappy Nikon 18-55mm (which is getting replaced very soon!)

Edited in Photoshop CS4 (I have many new goodies eh?)