1:18am Success!

Can you believe it? My new website is done... I have been working day and night on this thing for the last 4 days and finally it's ready for the world. Donald has been helping me through the whole thing but forced me to learn crazy languages like html and CSS. Way over my head but I threw together some cool stuff that I'm pretty proud of.

Some of the new site features include a flash slideshow on the home page along within the portfolio page, nice little pop outs for picture viewing, my new logo and of course the new web address www.mikefolden.com.

Check it out. Click around. Try to find something that doesn't work. If you find something wrong, drop me a line and let me know about it.

Otherwise, enjoy the new site! My portfolio will be staying really fresh since this whole platform is controlled by me.

This is the first of a bunch of new things to come for my business. I will be running specials for the holidays, throwing an art show (party) and working on some really cool projects in the next few months.

Thanks for all the support and let me know what you think about the new look!